Pasubio scenario

We have used the Bologna scenario, updated for SUMO 0.29.0. The scenario was built as part of the iTETRIS project. This package provides two scenarios, the Andrea Costa and the Pasubio areas which can be joined together in a larger area.

We have used the Pasubio area, which has a reasonable size, with 111 edges, 65 junctions and 16 traffic lights, and a traffic demand with 8680 vehicles. With Veneris, the simulation of the 100% of the traffic demand (8680 trips) results in a highly congested scenario which in turn heavily degrades the performance of the simulator. Therefore, we have reduced the traffic demand to 30% (2893 trips) and 50% (4340 trips) of the original demand by uniformly removing trips, which improves both the results and the performance.

This scenario, due to the size of the demand, is not meant for the browser at all. Anyway, a short time version of the scenario can be run on the browser (it will run for 80 s of simulated time and then will quit). But do not expect great performance on the browser: expect a low framerate and maybe run out of memory after a while. If that is the case you can try this.

Run Pasubio scenario on browser

To run the full scenario, download and install Veneris and execute the scene Pasubio.

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